Our Mission Statement

Alcohol is consumed by tens of thousands of people everyday, and while it’s vastly enjoyed and can elevate any event, it can also lead to negativity, poor decisions, and regrettable moments. To the degree that is possible, we want to avoid that from occurring.

Our preventative measures boil down to the creation of our world class product. We possess ethereal spirits to create alcoholic spirits in order to conjure happiness and joy in the lives of those who consume our products; each bottle of Bigfoot Vodka is made with precise calculation and love from start to finish. Simply put, we combine good spirits with good spirits for good times!

Where We Got Our Name

From the belief of our founders, we are, humbly, the worlds’ only SECOND-BEST vodka. Everyone believes their product is the best on the market, but we don’t follow that same ideology. That’s how we came up with our company name, ‘So So Beverage Co’, because our vodka isn’t the best vodka to exist; it’s so-so.