Bigfoot Vodka Sour is so dang SWEET!

by | Jan 4, 2023

Pretend you are bored with plain vodka. What’s the problem?

You might just be experiencing a challenge with boredom OR you may have a hankering for Bigfoot Vodka Sour!

Infused with real lemon concentrate, this Bigfoot Vodka Sour will put hair on your chest if you are a male and hair on your man’s chest if you are a lady. If you are a lady sans man friend, watch your animals gain a furry coat just because you switched up your tonic!

Jam packed with flavor, this fabulous elixir is great straight up on the rocks or when mixed with your favorite beer, it creates a Radler that perfectly fits your palate.

Bigfoot Vodka Sour is 19.9% alcohol by volume and the price is always right. Try it with your most disagreeable friends because when sour meets sour, sweetness ensues!

Look for Bigfoot Vodka Sour in your favorite Saskatchewan liquor store!